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May 15, 2018

10 Fast Growing Vegetables That Will Give You Harvest Quickly

Would you like to grow a vegetable garden but feel like it just takes way too long? Well, the amazing thing is, it doesn’t have to.

Instead, you can plant some faster-growing veggies and have some great fresh food options to choose from.

So if this sounds great to you, then you’ll want to stay tuned to this post.

16 Fast Growing Vegetables:

Here are the faster vegetable options that you can grow in your garden:

1. Arugula

Arugula is a wonderful little green that has a peppery flavor to it. We grew it previously at our old homestead. It was a delicious addition to our perennial garden.

So if you’d like to have a peppery green to toss in your salad, then you should consider growing it. All you’ll need to do is plant it, give it about 2 months to produce mature leaves, and then cut them when you’re ready to enjoy.

Then they’ll continue to grow back each year for your enjoyment.

2. Spinach

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Spinach was one of the first things I ever tried growing. I did so because of how fast it grew and how simple it was to grow.

Basically, you directly sow the seeds into a good quality dirt. Then you’ll just need to water and wait. Before you know it, in about 4-6 weeks, you’ll have fresh spinach.

Then you will have a nice addition to any salad, or you could prepare the spinach fresh.

3. Baby Carrots

Baby carrots taste delicious, are a great snack, are great to cook with, and don’t take as long as full-sized carrots because they don’t have to grow to be as large.

So if you enjoy carrots and want them quickly, then you’ll definitely want to pick the baby carrot variety. Then you’ll just plant them in the ground, or in a container garden.

Either way, be sure to directly sow the seeds in quality dirt. Then in about 30 days, you’ll have your first harvest.

4. Radishes

Radishes are probably one of the fastest plants you can grow. They are also super simple to grow as well.

So if you’d like to try and grow your own vegetables, then this might be a good place to start. You’ll directly sow these seeds in quality dirt.

Then in about 25-30 days, you should have your first harvest.

5. Cucumbers


Cucumbers are a very versatile plant to grow. You can make lots of delicious recipes with them. You can start with eating them fresh.

Then they could be a great addition to a salad. When you are “cucumbered out”, you can start making pickles with the fresh cucumbers.

But be advised that cucumbers like to run so you’ll need to either place them on a trellis or give them plenty of space to grow.

6. Beets

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Beets are one of those vegetables that either you like or you don’t. But even if you don’t like the actual beet itself, you may enjoy the greens that come from the plant.

So either way, it is a great vegetable to grow if you’d like to have a harvest in a hurry. It is good to grow in the spring or when we are heading into fall because they can withstand a little heat, but don’t like the super hot temperatures we often experience during summer.

But if you plant beets, you can harvest the beets themselves in around 50 days. However, you can harvest the greens from the beets in about 30 days.

7. Bush Beans

french beans

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Bush beans are my favorite kind of bean. They grow beautifully in the garden, they are easier to prepare when canning green beans, and they also produce a quicker harvest.

So if you love tender green beans, then consider planting a bush bean variety. All you’ll need to do is directly sow the seeds into quality dirt.

Then over time, with water and sunlight, they will produce a beautiful green bean bush. In around 40-65 days you should have your first harvest of green beans.

8. Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a fun plant. It looks fun, and it is even fun to say its name.

But it is also a great plant to grow because it can produce a mature harvest in around 30 days. If that isn’t a super fast plant, I’m not sure what is.

So if you are looking for something different to grow that will produce a fast harvest, then you should definitely consider Bok Choy.

9. Lettuce


Lettuce is such a versatile plant. There are so many different varieties to choose from that you can have a different flavor and crunch with each one.

But the great thing about lettuce is that it is hearty so it can grow in colder temperatures, and it also doesn’t take very long to produce a mature harvest.

In fact, most lettuce can produce a harvest in about 30 days.

So if you want something healthy, green, and fast, then you should definitely consider lettuce.

10. Summer Squash


Summer squash is probably one of my favorite vegetables to enjoy during the warmer months. It tastes delicious, is easy to grow, and produces quickly too.

But a quick overview is basically, you directly sow the seeds in quality soil, water them, and wait for them to grow and produce.

However, you’ll want to be sure to harvest your squash or zucchini when they are young for better flavor.