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May 19, 2018

15 Beautiful Summer Flowers That Will Transform Any Exterior

Are you a flower fanatic? Maybe you are someone that would like to be, but are new to planting flowers in your garden?

Well, either way, summer time is coming and beautiful yards will be in bloom at any time.

So you need to know what to plant in your yard that will add lots of color and beauty. No fear because I have an extensive list of flowers that will beautify your yard this summer.

With that in mind, here are the flowers that are sure to add lots of natural beauty to your home:

Beautiful Summer Flowers:

1. Gloriosa Daisy

via From Lynn’s Garden

I absolutely love daisies. I think they are gorgeous flowers that have a way of brightening up any yard. So if you are looking for some color for your yard, then you’ll want to consider these.

2. Coreopsis

via The Spruce

These flowers remind me of colorful wild flowers. They come in many different varieties so you are sure to find a color that goes with your yard’s theme.

3. Dahlia

via The Old Farmer’s Almanac

My grandmother always planted these in her yard. They had a way of adding subtle beauty and color to a small space.

So if you are looking for a simple yet beautiful flower to add some color to a dull area, then consider adding this flower to the mix.

4. Marigolds


via Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

I love marigolds. They are great for adding color to your home while also serving their purpose in your garden. They are great at protecting your vegetables from pests.

5. Yarrow

via Online Athens

This would be a great flower to grow around rocks for a cottage effect in your yard. It has a wildflower feel to it, but also appears to be very simple in design.

6. Beardtongue

via The Spruce

These flowers are simple, beautiful, and have lots of colors. Let’s say you have a part of your yard that just seems dreary. Plant a few of these flowers and it will liven it up in no time.

7. Pineapple Lily


via Green Head

Pineapple lilies are amazing looking flowers. They don’t look like a traditional lily. Instead, they stand on a stem in the shape of an pineapple. While also adding a lot of color.

8. Oxalis

via Easy To Grow Flower Bulbs

Oxalis is a little green bushy plant that has colorful blooms that burst out in color. So if you’d like something that can add both greenery and color to your yard, then you might prefer this plant.

9. Gloriosa Lily


This is another very unique lily. It doesn’t match what you might think of when you think of a lily. It looks like a little fiery plant that has a very unique shape. It would certainly add character to your yard.

10. Surprise Lily

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough

This lily takes on more of the ‘lily’ shape. However, it sprouts out of the grand and the buds stand at the very tip of the stem as though they had arms that were stretching out from all directions. It is a really beautiful and happy flower.

11. Gaillardia


via Burpee

This plant belongs to the sunflower family, and that is exactly what they look like. They have the small sunflower head on them but are only smaller than a traditional sunflower.

12. Peonies

floral arrangement of pink peonies with leaves

via Flower Meaning

Peonies are gorgeous flowers. They work well in your yard, but also to have if you like to create your own flower arrangements from fresh cut flowers as well. They would be a great bonus to any yard, in my opinion.

13. Daffodils


via Gardenia

I have daffodils all over my yard. I love them because you plant them once, and they should come back year after year. They get bigger and brighter with each passing year and do an amazing job at making your yard a brighter place.

14. Daylily


via UMassAmherst

Daylilies are another very traditional flower. They are usually bright yellow and can be grown in your yard or a container. They add lots of color to anywhere they are added for décor.

15. Zinnia

via Park Seed

Zinnias are part of the daisy family. They are bright, simple, and add a friendly factor to any yard where they are planted.

So if you need a flower that will add some color and a welcoming effect to your home, then you should consider adding zinnias to your yard.