Posted in Self Improvement
May 1, 2018

9 Positive Affirmations That Can Give You Strength When Life Is Tough!

Although it is quite simple to be mentally strong when everything is fine, your real strength can become obvious through adversity. Financial troubles, relationship problems, a health issue, and the loss of a family member are only a few of the hardships you can face at a certain point in your life.

In fact, the way you think about inevitable obstacles has an impact on your ability to deal with tough times. You should develop a powerful inner dialogue and repeat realistic and positive affirmations in order to drown out any negative thought that may be holding you back and become mentally strong.

9 Mantras That Can Give You Strength When Life Is Tough:

– I’m in control of how I behave, think, and feel.

If you blame others for what is going on in your life, it will not help your situation. Understanding that you are in control of how you behave, think, and feel could empower you to either make positive changes in your life or make the best of your circumstances.

– I’m able to deal with discomfort.

It is easy to stay inside your comfort zone. However, you should do something different in order to get through tough times. Even though emotions such as disappointment, fear, and embarrassment aren’t comfortable, they will not kill you. You should face those emotions head on and you will actually gain confidence in your ability to deal with discomfort.

– I’m much stronger than I think.

The loss of a family member or a serious health condition may be extremely hard to cope with. However, catastrophic predictions such as “I will never be happy again” or “I will never recover from this” will just drag you down. Remember that adversity reveals hidden inner strength you didn’t know you had.

– I have everything I need to get through this.

If you think things such as “It’s not fair” or “I cannot do this”, it’ll make you feel defeated. In case you have previously made it in life, you probably have some resources, skills, and tools already in place.

– Several years from now this will not matter as much as I believe it’ll.

You should remind yourself that the turmoil, anxiety, or emotional pain will not last forever in order to keep temporary issues in perspective. Keep in mind that many of today’s major worries and decisions will not matter too much several years down the road.

– Nobody is perfect.

If you demand perfection from yourself, it’ll result in anxiety. Whether you have got one last shot to try for promotion, or you are interviewing for a job that you need, insisting there is no room for error can, without a doubt, contribute to anxiety. On the other hand, a little self-compassion can definitely help you perform at your peak.

– Every failure is an opportunity to become better and grow stronger.

Every time you fall down, it does serve as proof that you are pushing yourself to new limits. It is important to understand that every failure is actually an opportunity to become better and grow stronger.

– I want to live according to my own values.

It goes without saying that there’ll always be people that will not like you as well as times when they’ll disagree with the decisions you make. However, you don’t have to try to please everyone. You should live according to your own values, even if it means making unpopular decisions.

– I have been knocked down before and I’m able to get back up again.

You should recall your fortitude in coping with past struggles, because it could help you cope with current issues.

It is important to understand that repeating these positive affirmations alone will not change your life, but the way you think is one of the 3 key factors of mental strength. Of course, powerful self-talk can give you motivation to behave more productively and help you feel better, thus helping you get through tough times.