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May 13, 2018

20 Best Greenhouse Plants to Make the Most out of Your Space

Best Greenhouse Plants:

Here are the plants that I recommend grow best inside a greenhouse:

1. Ginseng

via Fifty Shades of Snail

Ginseng is a great crop to grow around your homestead. Not only for its medicinal properties, but also because you could use it as a cash crop to help earn an income from your homestead and/or greenhouse.

2. Mushrooms

via Mother Earth Living

Mushrooms should be grown very carefully as some of them are quite hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But if you can get them going in your greenhouse, they are another crop that many people will purchase from you.

3. Bamboo


via Bamboo Teri House

Bamboo is a great crop to grow. It doesn’t take very long to begin flourishing and it can be used for many things.

Also, it isn’t very difficult to grow. My mother-in-law actually planted some in the woods behind her home and in only a few years (with no attention) it is growing really well.

4. Herbs


via Greenblender

Herbs are pretty simple to grow anywhere, in my experience. So why not grow them in your greenhouse?

Then you could make your own spices or enjoy fresh herbs with your daily meals.

5. Leafy Greens

via Shape

Leafy greens should be a constant in our diets. They have many vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need in order to function properly.

So if you have a greenhouse, you should really consider trying to grow these as long as you possibly can. That way you will be certain to be eating enough of them.

6. Microgreens

via Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Microgreens are another really simple green to raise. They don’t require a lot of space or time. Plus, they are also an added health boost that can be quickly tossed on or into a meal.

7. Spinach

via Kinetics

We grow spinach in our greenhouse pretty much year-round. I live in a warmer southern climate so I’m able to get away with growing heartier greens in my unheated greenhouse during the colder months.

Not only do we grow spinach for ourselves, but also for our animals. It is a nice green treat during the colder months when our animals have a hard time finding anything green.

8. Cucumbers

I love growing cucumbers. They are a really simple vegetable to raise, and you don’t have to grow a ton of them to get quite the harvest.

So if you decide to grow cucumbers inside your greenhouse, be sure to keep in mind that they do bush out and take over if you aren’t careful.

9. Peppers

I’ve always had excellent luck growing peppers inside our greenhouse. The reason is that peppers absolutely love heat.

So inside a greenhouse, they are certain to get more heat than they would outside. Which in turn gives me a much larger harvest.

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are another vegetable I’ve always had great luck with growing in a greenhouse. It is another plant that absolutely loves the heat.

So just be sure to water them more because of the excess heat they’ll find in a greenhouse. Also be sure not to plant them close to the peppers as you don’t want them to be cross pollinated.

11. Swiss Chard


via Plant Fueled

I’m a huge fan of swiss chard. We grow it every year. I love the rainbow swiss chard especially because it is gorgeous to look at.

Plus, I love to eat a variety of colorful foods because of nutrients. I know when I eat rainbow swiss chard that I’m getting a lot of good stuff for my body and that makes me feel good.

12. Squash

Squash is another great plant to grow in your greenhouse. It is pretty easy to grow and also puts off quite the harvest from only a few plants. Just be careful as they like to take over where they grow too.

13. Lemons

Believe it or not, citrus fruit was one of the first reasons I wanted a greenhouse. We went to Florida one year, and I purchased fruit trees from a gift shop. When I brought them home I raised them indoors.

But my cats began thinking it was a play place for them. So I needed a greenhouse to move their pots to. They actually did quite well considering I only paid $5 for each tree.

14. Oranges

Oranges are another fruit tree that grows great inside a greenhouse. That way you don’t have to move them around when the weather dips to lower temperatures. With any luck, you could have fresh orange juice most of the year.

15. Grapes

Grapes are one you may not have considered raising inside your greenhouse. You’ll need to raise them with an arbor so they can be trained where to grow.

But with a little love and a big enough greenhouse, you could have a few grape vines that produce quite well for you if given the right environment to thrive in.

16. Strawberries

via Authority Nutrition

Strawberries are quite possibly one of my favorite fruits. I love how easy they are to grow and how much they produce if raised right. You can even plant them in containers so they can be moved around your greenhouse.

17. Peaches

Many people raise their fruit trees inside greenhouses. Peach trees are no exceptions. The reason is because the trees will produce longer in the year since the temperatures can be controlled in many greenhouses.

So then you can enjoy fresh fruit for the majority of the year. That sounds great to me!

18. Cilantro

This one could potentially fall under herbs, but around my house, it deserves a category all of its own. My husband absolutely loves cilantro.

So if you love cilantro too, then you should consider raising it in your greenhouse.

19. Raspberries

A lot of people have berry patches, but most don’t consider raising berries in their greenhouse. But raspberries are a berry that can grow quite well in a greenhouse under the right conditions.

20. Chilies

Chilies are great for growing in greenhouses because they love the warmer temperatures. When it comes to almost any kind of pepper, the hotter the temperatures are the better they are going to grow (in most cases.)