Posted in Self Improvement
May 9, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Get and Stay Happy!

When is the last time you truly felt happy? A time where you felt there was an extra pep in your step, you had a smile plastered across your face, and genuinely felt blessed. Was it a long time ago?

If so, you might be feeling frustrated and angry with life. Despite having periods of happiness in your life, you struggle to make it last. You desire to have that happiness you felt before, but don’t know how to sustain it. You also many felt you have never been truly happy and don’t know how to begin to cultivate it. It seems like it’s simply out of reach.

There are scientific ways to increase your mood and be a happier, more positive person. These easy steps will get you on the track to enduring happiness if you put in the effort. Here are simple ways to become a happier person long-term.

Treasure Experiences Over Possessions

While it is awesome to have a really fancy car, there are much more important things in life. Treasuring positive experiences you have provide long lasting happiness. They are special because they are unique and belong specifically to you. You should always aim to go on new adventures – weather it’s travelling to a new country or checking out a new trial near your house. These experiences will give you happiness when you look back on them years down the road. Possessions, however, can lose their happiness value quickly when new and better versions of your purchase come out. Remember how happy you were when you bought your last iPhone? That initial happiness likely faded already because new versions have already come out.

Exercise Regularly

When most people think of happiness they think about becoming more positive mentally. However treating your body with love, care and respect is an important key to maintaining positivity. There are a lot of studies that back this claim up because exercising causes your brain to release endorphins that improve your mood. It is highly recommended that depressed people should add exercise to their treatment plan because it has such a positive impact. In addition, exercising outside has even stronger benefits. One study found that being in nature will lower levels of cortisol, or the hormone that used as a marker for stress.


A review was done of 40 studies conducted over the last 20 years, and it was found that volunteering was a top activity for boosting psychological health. People who volunteer are found to have a lower risk of depression and a high amount of overall satisfaction. Volunteering makes us feel good about ourselves! While buying a car could provide us a spike of happiness, volunteering will give us a longer-term boost of positivity. There are many ways to volunteer including helping local soup kitchens, working at an animal rescue shelter, or providing aid for victims of domestic abuse. Pick a cause that is important to you.

Focus on the Positives

What about yourself do you love? Are you open-minded, adventurous or kind? How are you using these strengths to help improve your life and the lives of others? These are great questions that you can ask yourself if you are looking to be a happier person. People who choose to focus on the positives and use those traits for good are likelier to be happy in the long-run. Focus on the positives in your life through daily meditation, or writing down what you are grateful for each week. You will be able to see how blessed you really are, and the potential you have to make the world a better place.

Let Go of the Past

In order to have a happier future, you have to let go of your past. You probably went through some rough times in your life – weather it be a death of a parent, a bad breakup, or something more upsetting, it has to be dealt with in a healthy way. Holding on to your past hurt will hinder your ability to be happy in the present. You might have to go to a therapist to discuss the pain you feel, or simply learn to forgive someone that hurt you. Whatever it is, learn to let go of your past so that you don’t have any roadblocks that stop your happiness.

Being happy is an attainable goal if you put the effort in. It takes time but you can make the change. If you are ready to take charge of your life, these tips will help you become a more positive and happy person long-term. The differences will be astounding and you will feel more fulfilled.